Buy organic elephant manure fertiliser and support Thai elephants

 | Mon 25 May 2020 15:13 ICT

Mae Sa Elephant Camp, along with most other elephant camps in the area, has been hard hit with the lack of tourism. Especially with so many elephant and mahout mouths to feed. Mae Sa Elephant Camp has therefore come up with a way to earn some extra and much needed cash during these pandemic days.

Elephant dung, of which there is a large and endless supply, is fermented, then dried so that the leaves and other fibres will be separated. It is then put through a machine to turn them into little pellets to be used as organic fertiliser for sale for 40 baht per kg.

Anchalee Kalmapijit, managing director at Mae Sa Elephant Camp said that the camp had previously sold elephant waste fertiliser under the brand, The Chang. But they had stopped production many years ago. But now, as we are entering the third month of lockdown, the camp needs to find ways to make a living, so it has resurrected it’s The Chang product which can help alleviate the economic stress.

With 80 elephants living in the camp producing three tonnes of manure per day, the process may take four months to complete, but it should help bring in a new source of income.

It has been scientifically proven, says Anchalee, that elephants have a high fibre diet which is infused with minerals, their manure being perfect for use as fertiliser.

If you have any questions or wish to order some elephant manure organic fertiliser, please contact Mae Sa Elephant Camp at 096 965 9966.