Business scams cauliflower dealer and farmers out of over 1 million

 | Thu 3 Feb 2022 16:09 ICT

Vegetable dealers went to the Chiang Mai Police Station yesterday to file a complaint about a company (name not released) which has, according to nine dealers, scammed them out of over one million baht.

According to the group representative, this company offered to purchase cauliflowers at 13 baht per kg, higher than current market price. However, after the many dealers delivered tens of thousands of kgs of cauliflower they found that there were multiple ‘expenses’ which cut the price down to below market prices, causing them to lose out on over one million baht between them.

They also say that now they are unable to pay farmers, who are greatly in need and that they had already complained to Mae Ping Police and the Damrongdham Centre, but nothing has been done. They now are pleading with the main Chiang Mai police to act and protect them, telling CityNews that they all had air tight contracts with the company which should be able to be enforced.