Bus driver fired after hitting foreign passenger

 | Tue 29 Oct 2019 15:36 ICT

CityNews – 29th October 2019, a bus driver was caught on video attacking a foreign man, as he appeared to be leaving the bus with his bicycle.

A post belonging to the Facebook page Yodsaphon Thikham has caused outrage and lead to a police investigation as it shows a bus driver physically attacking a passenger. The RTC city bus driver can be clearly seen punching and pushing the man.

The incident occurred near Tha Pae Gate and the cause is not yet known.

Meanwhile, Regional Transit Corporation (RTC) has released the following statement.

1. The incident occurred on Saturday 26th October 2019 near Tha Pae Gate and the bus driver did indeed physically assault the passenger due to miscommunication.

2. The company heard about the incident around 11:30 am of the same day, immediately ordering that driver to stop his work and bring the bus back to the garage so that the company could investigate the matter.

3. Around 1 pm the company contacted the passenger and brought both the driver and passenger to the police station, where the driver was fined.

4. The company apologised to the passenger who accepted the apology.

5. The company then discharged the driver from his position in the company, effective immediately.

The company fully apologises for the incident and inconvenience caused and is willing to listen to comments and suggestions as to how to improve its service.

However, from other new sources such as https://mgronline.com/onlinesection/detail/9620000103581, it was found that there had been some passengers who sympathised with the driver and voiced their concerns over misbehaviour of this foreign passenger whom they alleged often taking  his bike on to the bus, to other people’s inconvenience, as well as hopping on and off the bus with no regards to stop signs or traffic rules.

Video clip credit: Yodsaphon Thikham