British Man Commits Suicide in Chiang Mai

 | Wed 24 Feb 2016 03:40 ICT

CityNews – Police were called to a guesthouse in Chiang Moi on February 21, where a body of a foreign tourist was discovered.

brit suicide_censored

The body was of a British man (name withheld) found hung from a curved steel window in the guesthouse room’s bathroom.

There was no evidence of foul play and it is believed that he had been dead for around three days before the discovery.

Police also found 10,000 baht in cash and various medicines in the room.

According to investigations, the man had rented the room from February 19, and was last seen drinking beer at the front of the guesthouse on the same day.

He allegedly told the caretaker that he would be going backpacking for a few days, so nobody doubted his absence.

It was only after a foul smell was found coming from his room that the caretakers opened the door and discovered his body.

Police suspect the suicide was due to stress or in connection with a congenital disease.

Investigations are ongoing.