British Consul Visits Chiang Mai

 | Fri 4 Dec 2015 08:40 ICT

CityNews – Last week Honorary British Consul Ben Svasti along with H.M. Consul Layla Slatter, MBE and Vice Consul Jeff Mitchell MBE, visited Chiang Mai to discuss numerous issues relating not only to British nationals, but on working together on social issues, with various authorities.

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The British Embassy met with police, the army and numerous relevant officials to discuss various issues which affect British citizens in Thailand. They also met with CityNews and have plans to give us further information about upcoming campaigns such as road safety initiatives as well as to discuss disseminating important information to British citizens in the north of Thailand on matters of wills, health insurance, car insurance and other important aspects of living in Thailand which British citizens should be made aware of. Immigration matters is also an issue of great interest to the embassy officials and they are working closely with immigration authorities in order to improve immigration services to those who use them.

They also informed CityNews that sometimes when police release information about a deceased foreigner in Thailand, the families have yet to be informed which could lead to great angst and trauma for the families when hearing about such news through the press, and asked CityNews to refrain from printing names of any deceased until families have been notified, which, of course, we will comply with.