British businessman found dead at a resort in Chiang Mai

 | Wed 2 Oct 2019 17:09 ICT

CityNews – On October 1st, police responded to a report of a possible suicide case at an unnamed resort on the superhighway road. The body was found on a bed, fully clothed, with a mask connected to a nitrogen tank. At the end of the bed were lit scented candles placed in a circle. Police found no injuries on the body.

According to witness reports, the decease checked in the day before the discovery (September 30th). A housekeeper who was on duty knocked on the door but did not receive any response. As she found 700 baht in cash at the front of the room, she assumed that the decease had checked out and entered the room.

The decease had also left a rented car at the resort. After identifying the car dealer, police found that the deceased was complaining to the car dealer that his business was struggling and losing profit. Police concluded that is the motive which lead to the suicide.