Brit and Canadian Prosecuted for Defacing Iconic Site Bailed for 100,000 baht

 | Thu 25 Oct 2018 06:59 ICT

After two foreigners were charged for spray painting the iconic Chiang Mai walls on Tha Pae Road, controversy has emerged around characterizing the walls as a “heritage site” in  the charge against the pair. The accused have been charged with vandalising a heritage site and will be subject to imprisonment for no longer than seven years or a fine of no more than a million baht or both, although some are calling those potential punishments excessive.

The director of the 7th Regional Office Fine Arts Department stated that although the walls were rebuilt in 1985, they have been registered as a national heritage site since 1935.

The two tourists, from United Kingdom and Canada, have reportedly been charged and bailed for 100,000 baht each. They are still in Thailand and the court has not yet finalised the fine they will be required to pay.