Brisk trade of Chinese costumes

 | Fri 28 Jan 2022 17:15 ICT

The Warorot and Ton Lamyai Market China Town is bustling in the leadup to the Chinese New Year (31st January til 2nd February).

All manner of clothes, fashion accessories and gifts are flying off the shelf, especially the sexy qipao, the close-fitting dress that originated in 1920s Shanghai.

While some silk qipao are on sale for thousands of baht, there are cheaper options in the hundreds. As befitting the current economic climes, there are also second hand qipaos for sale for those looking to spend even less (90-150 baht).

Chatuporn Thanikkul, a local second hand qipao stall owner said that her clients tend to be in their twenties and she is averaging about ten sales per day at this point, expecting the number to rise in the next couple of days.