A boy is traumatised after being attacked by pit bull dogs

 | Wed 19 Jun 2019 08:30 ICT

CityNews – An 11 year old boy was attacked by two pit bull dogs and share his story.

On June 15th, Werapob Chiangtung, 11, was brutally attacked by two pitbull dogs at a parking area in a building in Pa Tan. The boy later explained that he was quietly using his phone when one of the dogs bit his shirt from behind. To his surprise, he tried to run away but they both jumped on him making him fall to the ground. The boy was helpless and yelling for help until friends of his father who were nearby noticed and chased away the dogs using bars.

Jia Chiangtung, the mother of the boy revealed that he had to undergo 20 stiches on his face and body while the owner of the two pit bull dogs have taken full responsibility for the incident by covering all medical costs which is at 16,514 baht in total, plus 3,000 baht in compensation. The boy is still in fear of leaving home and is now frighten of dogs. His mother stated that the family won’t press any charge but urges all dog owners to be careful and diligent.