Boy on big bike nearly lost his foot in a road accident

 | Wed 10 Jul 2019 10:23 ICT

CityNews – A 13-year-old boy on a big motor bike nearly lost his foot in a traffic accident.

On July 6th, a road accident on highway 1317 near Sri Aroon Plaza in San Kamphaeng was reported. A bike ridden by a 13-year-old boy crashed into another motorcycle that was crossing the road. As the big bike came in at a very high speed, reportedly 150 km per hour, the motorcycles glided across the road and collided into a pick up truck. This lead to three casualties, including the 13-year-old boy, who nearly lost his foot.

Footage of the accident was released on social media and went viral. Many criticised the boy, who was younger than the legal driving age. In response to the criticism, the boy’s sister posted on Facebook, apologising to people in the neighbourhood for the accident. She also cursed those who wished the boy to die, saying that she hopes such an accident would “happen to them one day.” After expressing the family’s distress, she explained that the family has “always been inculcate” about driving and that he “had taken a training course before the family decided to buy” him a big bike, and the accident was “merely a teen being impetuous.”

There has not been a charge pressed, as police are still gathering evidence. All three casualties will be summoned to the police station on July 10th. Police expect to meet with two of them, while the boy, who is still hospitalised, will be represented by his parents.

Note: The initial report stated that the boy lost his foot is misinformed. His ankle has been ripped and the boy has underwent a surgery to reattach the ankle.