Boozing Abbot Defrocked

 | Mon 21 May 2018 10:16 ICT

CityNews – Wat Champa Lao’s abbot was forced to defrock after being caught drinking alcohol with women.

On the night of May 18th, over 200 local villagers in Nam Phrae, Hang Dong visited Wat Champa Lao after word got around that the abbot was conducting inappropriate activities in the temple. At the scene, the villagers found him drinking alcohol with two others monks from a different temple and two women. After being spotted, the abbot and his drinking companions fled from the scene but a video of the incident was recorded. The villagers then reported to police that night.

Wichian Phakkad, the village headman reported that there have been complaints about this abbot from his absence of duties and uncooperative behavior towards community works, and there have been rumours going around that he has been drinking but there was no concrete evidence until now.

It is confirmed today, May 21st that the abbot has been derobed for his inappropriate behavior.