Bodyslam Drummer Drunkenly Breaks into Woman’s Apartment

 | Tue 22 Apr 2014 08:31 ICT

CityNews – Thai rock band Bodyslam’s drummer was arrested on Friday, 18th April, at a condominium in Bangkok, where he was filmed on CCTV breaking into a woman’s apartment in the same building he lives in. The woman told police she had no idea why he would break into her home, but that he was noticeably intoxicated.

A still from a Bodyslam music video.

The security footage shows the suspect, Suchud “Chad” Chaneed, pacing back and forth over ten times between his apartment and the woman’s before deciding to try and gain access to her room. Police said Chad had used a small knife to gain access to the apartment, and then left the room less than a minute after entering. He admitted to police that he was drunk at the time of the crime.

The woman, Kwanjira Boonlorpan (32), an owner of a food stall at a university, reported the incident to police on Friday. She said the man broke into her room at around 11:30 p.m. while she was asleep. She then contacted her sister, who helped her identify the drummer using the condominium’s security footage.

The drummer then took to his Instagram account to post a “sorry” photo, saying that he never planned to harm anyone.