Bo Kaew Villagers Exposes Failed 10 Mil Water System

 | Thu 4 Apr 2019 13:17 ICT

CityNews – Four villages alleged mismanagement at Bo Kaew Subdistrict Administrative Organisation after 10 million baht budget was spent on a public water system that is not usable.

On April 3rd villagers from Bo Kaew subdistrict made an allegation against Bo Kaew Subdistrict Administrative Organisation (SAO) in Samoeng to the press after four villages were unable to use public water system for three years. The water system construction for four villages, Ban Bo Kaew, Ban Mae Yang Ha, Ban Den Hom and Ban Pa Kia was completed in 2016. At Ban Bo Kaew villagers revealed that the SAO has explained that the budget only covered the plumbing system but not a piping system to each household. While at Ban Mae Yang Ha the water system never functioned since the construction was completed due the polluted water treatment tank and the malfunction of water storage, Ban Den Hom and Ban Kia Nok have tanks that are unable to store water and are located on low terrain making them unable to deliver water to villages.

Villagers revealed that the budget comes from the Provincial Administrative Organisation and the system is modeled from the Department of Water Resource. There are around 800 households in these four villages consisting of over 4,000 people who have been facing drought every dry season. Currently, villagers have raised their own funds to distribute water from the mountain to use but they are in fear that the natural water source will be scarce.