Big student protest at Tha Pae Gate this Saturday

 | Wed 16 Sep 2020 13:39 ICT

Nationwide student protests are planned for Saturday 19th September.

Police say that they have been in close contact with student protests and have had numerous conversations with the group leaders and have told them that they will not be stopped from joining protesters in Bangkok, should they decide to go. Police from Muang district also said that at this time they have yet to receive any request or notice for setting up any protest stages here in Chiang Mai.

The Free Act Chiang Mai group have been posting on their Facebook page that they will be holding parallel events with Bangkok’s at Tha Pae Gate between 4pm and 8pm., calling the event; “Grilled Fish State: the tragedy”. The event will see many performance arts and artists express their opinions and feelings about democracy and dictatorship. There will also be a short performance of Orwell’s Animal Farm.