Big effort to put out big fire on Suthep-Pui

 | Thu 11 Mar 2021 16:55 ICT

A KA-32 helicopter has been put to use to help put out fires along the Suthep-Pui National Park following fires to the south of the park in Hang Dong which erupted yesterday afternoon.

This fast-spreading fire in a bamboo forest has been a challenge to control and volunteer firefighters and support personnel are being sought.

Soldiers from the 3rd Region base as well as volunteer groups have been attempting to halt the fire’s spread into nearby communities.

So far the helicopter has made 19 trips, carrying 57,000 litres of water and has managed to put out about 50% of the fire, say authorities. It is expected that the fire will be extinguished by morning.

So far 200 people have volunteered to help in this effort.

One man has been detained under suspicion of setting or causing the fire, though he is currently denying all allegations.