Beware of Scammers in Chiang Mai Selling Smartphones at Low Prices

 | Tue 7 Apr 2015 08:44 ICT

CityNews – It has been reported that a man, or a group of men, who police believe are Taiwanese, having been selling smartphones around Chiang Mai. The phones reportedly look like the real thing, but are actually fakes.


Police report that 30-year-old Chanida Nanchan of Sarapee’s Nongfaek, Chiang Mai, had been deceived by a Taiwanese person after buying a popular mobile phone (iPhone 6) for 16,000 baht. She later found out that the mobile phone was counterfeit, and informed Muang Chiang Mai police.

According to Chanida, last Wednesday, April 1, at around 9.30am, as she was working at her office, an Asian man, believed to be Chinese or Taiwanese, around 170 centimetres tall, walked in to the office and talked to her company’s employees, including her, in English.

The man claimed that he needed money to travel back to his country. He offered to sell Chanida the mobile phone at a very low price since he had to leave for his country immediately. After some bargaining, the man agreed to sell the mobile phone for 16,000 baht.

After checking the mobile phone, Chanida believed it was real.

She later found out that other victims were also deceived by the same scheme. She believes the scheme is operated by more than one person.

A police investigation is on the way.