Bars are still closed until the end of the month

 | Fri 22 Jan 2021 15:36 ICT

As can be seen on the busier streets, following the New Year Covid-reemergence scare which saw thousands in the city go into semi-self-quarantine and streets empty out, life is slowly beginning to become normal(ish).

Deputy Governor Weerapun Dee-on, however, has come out to warn that in spite of nine days now of no new cases of Covid-19 detected in the province, night time entertainment venues must still close their doors to customers until the end of the month.

Municipal officials have been tasked with checking into at least 100 venues from now until the 31st January, he warned. He went on to say that the more venues found to be in violation of these orders, thus exposing us all to the risk of the virus, the longer the shutdown edit will be.

Out of the 23 people hospitalised this month, 14 have now gone home, though officials will be checking up on all of them for 28 days after the first day they sought treatment.