Baby Still-Born because Mother didn’t have 18,000 baht

 | Mon 14 Oct 2013 15:57 ICT

CityNews – It was reported on Thailand’s Rescue Service Facebook page October 13th that a woman had been turned away from a hospital in Thailand as she didn’t have the 18,000 baht to pay for the child’s delivery. She gave birth at home, where the baby died.

Photo from Thailand Rescue service Facebook Page (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC PAGE)

The page did not release the name of the hospital, but did say that this happened in Bangkok. Thousands of Thai people have criticised the action of this unknown hospital on social media.

It’s reported that the woman had tried to give birth by herself but the baby had become stuck which caused bleeding and led to the woman falling unconscious. A neighbour found them one hour later but the baby was already dead.

The mother was sent to hospital.