Authorities Flush Moat Following Social Condemnation

 | Fri 12 May 2017 08:37 ICT

CityNews – Following widespread social media condemnation, the Chiang Mai Municipality has announced that it will be signing an MOU to plan for a calendar of actions to clean up our city moat.

Images of a dirty and alarmingly bright green moat with dead fish floating at its surface were shared all over social media last week.

On May 11th, Januwat Lertsincharoen, the Director of Regional Irrigation Office 1 and Jensak Limpiti, the Director of Chiang Mai Irrigation Department held a meeting to solve the ongoing issue of stagnant water at the Katam Moat Corner. The plan is to reduce the water levels by30 centimetres per day for a period of one week when the water levels will be low enough to 200,000 cubic metres of fresh water to enter the moat at the front of Chiangmai Ram Hospital to flush it out.

The MOU will cover both short and long term water pollution solutions. The long term plan, according to authorities, will be to schedule in future dates when clean water will be used to cleanse the moat. The rainy season, say authorities, will see the moat pumped with more water to clean it all up, a plan which will also spread to the Mae Kha Canal.