Authorities allow restaurants on Mae Wang river for two months

 | Thu 18 Mar 2021 14:57 ICT

Authorities from the Marine Department (region 1) raided areas of the Mae Wang river yesterday, ordering many business operators who have constructed restaurants and bars along the banks of the river to demolish their permanent structures.

According to authorities over 40 businesses have encroached upon the riverbanks and river itself, which is against the law. Authorities also say that they have had to raid the area numerous times over the past many years, but each year businesses return to build on the river.

They also found that in some cases toilets were constructed only 20 metres away from the river, with no discernable sewage system for waste.

Authorities held meetings with villagers in the area and have agreed to allow them to do business for two months, up until Songkran, even extending it to mid May, by which time they must raze their structures and return the river and its banks to their natural conditions.