Australian woman arrested for shoplifting

 | Thu 18 Jun 2020 11:19 ICT

An Australian woman has been arrested for theft from a shop in Warorot Market.

According to the shop owner the incident happened on the 10th June when a foreign lady was browsing through her shop. After the foreign lady left she inspected her goods only to find that five pairs of 100 baht sunglasses and a 150 baht purse were missing. Thanks to CCTV footage, the shop owner saw that the foreign lady had put all items into her purse and had driven away in a white Toyota. The license plate was clearly visible and the shop owner took the CCTV footage to the police.

Police tracked CCTV footage across the city to find that she was staying at a guesthouse near Wat Phra Singh. Police today made the arrest of 38 year old Australian woman, Emily Catherine Duffel.