Australian Couple says Drugs Planted on them at Thai Airport

 | Mon 26 Aug 2013 15:44 ICT

CityNews – Just a few days after it was found out that Thai policemen had tried to extort 2 million baht from Italian men in a busy Bangkok tourist area, more news comes to light that puts Thailand in a bad light, especially concerning the tourist industry.

It was reported on 7 News that a Melbourne couple had said that drugs had been planted on them at a Bangkok Airport (the article didn’t state which one).

The story told how a female tourist called Georgia, who was travelling with her boyfriend, had said she noticed that prior to checking in for a flight to Phuket her baggage had been tampered with. She said the straps on the cases had been slashed and the locks cut.

The next thing the pair did was inspect their bags at a nearby hotel where they say they discovered marijuana in one of the pockets.

The couple called the Australian Embassy and was told to abandon the bags, make sure they weren’t being followed, and change their travel plans. For two days they waited, washing clothes and thoroughly checking all their items, and then returned to Australia.

The couple has said that although the amount of drugs wasn’t extremely large they expect that they would have been picked up by corrupt police or customs officials and extorted for money.

You can listen to an audio interview with Georgia here.