Association Calls for Action to Prevent Future Drink Driving Tragedies

 | Wed 20 May 2015 09:58 ICT

CityNews – Relating to a tragic drink driving accident earlier this month, Phra Dr Samuwichian Kunthammo, president of Chiang Mai Stop Drinking Organization Network Coordination Centre, together with Kritsada Kampaengkaew of Chiang Mai Bicycle Association and Chiang Mai Cyclists Group, submitted a report to the Chiang Mai governor in support of a strict policy on pubs and bars.


According to Phra Dr Samuwichian, the accident last month that claimed the lives of three cyclists was a direct result of pubs and bars not closing on time according to the law.

After the accident, the association randomly inspected 21 pubs and bars in downtown Chiang Mai. 11 pubs and bars were found closed as time set, but other 10 pubs and bars still opened with customers inside though the lights had been turned off. The association is considered that continued neglect of the closing time law will lead to another tragedy.

The association advocates that bars, pubs, restaurants and businesses must follow the close time set by law, as well as the Alcohol and Beverage Control Act which prohibits the sale of alcohol to those under 20, and that businesses must not be bothersome to residents nearby.

The association also calls for punishment of law breaking businesses to be swift and firm, and at the highest penalty of the law. This includes cooperation with the Excise Department who must withdraw permits from offending pubs and bars.

According to Kritsada, in accordance to the accident, Sansai Cycling for Health Association, together with bicycle associations across the country, supported by Health Promotion Foundation and Not Drive when Drunk Foundation, introduced a project “Drunk + Drive = Arrest + Jail,” in which around 20 Chiang Mai Cyclists will ride bicycles from Chiang Mai, leaving on June 3rd, starting at the Three Kings Monuments and plan to arrive in Bangkok on June 8th.

They then will get together with cyclists across the country to submit documents to the prime minister on June 9th to require enforcement of the law to prosecute and jail drunk drivers right away in order to prevent and avoid accidents.

They hope this campaign will be effective in deterring future tragedies.