Asphalted Tree Breathes Again After Public Outrage

 | Tue 4 Aug 2015 08:07 ICT

CityNews – After authorities were photographed asphalting the base of a tree closed on a local Chiang Mai road, local netizens sparked outrage that resulted in the asphalt being removed the very next day.

Moat Teak Asphalted

The teak tree was photographed by a Citylife reader, Ricky Ward, and shared on the Raks Mae Ping Facebook page around midnight, April 28.

The image soon went viral within the local online community, and soon raised to over 500 likes and 100 shares, sparking interest from local officials.

In response to the outrage, the asphalt was seen to be removed from around the tree’s base the very next day, April 29.

Many were shocked at the incredibly fast response.

According to online sources, it was the PEA electric authority who asphalted the base of the tree, but most netizens still held the municipality to blame as they claim it is government’s responsibility to oversee any work carried out on public roads.

Comments such as “They have no reservations!”, “This isn’t the first I’ve seen, so many roadside trees have had the same thing done to them.” And “how are you going to water it now?!” populated the initial post.

Moat Teak Asphalt removed

A second post showing images of the asphalt being removed gained even more attention and praise to those involved in bringing the issue to light.

Ricky Ward, who posted the first image, told Citylife that “this seems extraordinary for a small town and all about one tree,” but is pleased with the result.

You can find both post on the Raks Mae Ping Facebook page.