Army Kills Six Drug Traffickers in Jungle Shootout

 | Thu 8 Dec 2016 07:21 ICT

CityNews – Six drug traffickers killed by army in a jungle shoothout.

The army received information that there would be drug smuggled through the Doi Sam Sao area of Tha Ton Sub-District of Mae Ai District earlier in the month. Following the lead, the army moved into the area and began to patrol it on the 5th December.


On the 6th December they encountered a group of men walking through the jungle carrying backpacks, and suspecting that they may be the traffickers mentioned, confronted them. A gunfight ensued when one of the suspects began to shoot at the officers and the army reports that six men died in the shootout but no soldiers were injured or killed.

Ten bags of ya ba, heroin as well as AK-47 were found on the bodies of the men.