April’s Biggest Fool

 | Tue 1 Apr 2014 13:34 ICT

CityNews – Citylife’s ultimate April fool, CityNews editor James Austin Farrell, who has been fighting for 8 years against the office’s no-shorts policy, came to work today to receive the following memo:

Dear all,

Due to some members of staff being unable to agree with Citylife’s required dress codes, management has decided to solve this ongoing problem by issuing corporate uniforms. We are proud to announce that ChiChang computers has kindly agreed to be our uniform sponsors. Today, at 10.30, The Fashion King will be at the office measuring you for your new uniforms, of which all members of staff will receive three. Our corporate colours are white and gray with a red font. We hope that you agree this to be the solution to our longstanding problem of dress code. 

Thank you

All staff were in on this in-house April’s Fool prank and Frank Sethi from The Fashion King kindly sent a tailor to the office to measure uniforms.

As James returned to his desk after being measured to write his master plan to form a union of unionless forms…and sulk, Citylife high fived each other at our success. He was texted a reminder of the date (so ironically, considering he had spent the morning publishing four April Fools stories on our news site) by the editor at noon. 

It is probably time for us all to get back to work now.

A video of James being fitted is here.