Anti government protests at Tha Pae Gate

 | Mon 20 Jul 2020 12:36 ICT

Thanathorn Wittiyabenja, leader of the Wila (Black Cat) party, along with fellow university students from the Faculty of Humanities, faculty, and citizens, came together in protest of the government at Tha Pae Gate. In total 500 people showed up, including representatives from Thammasat and Lampang universities.

Anti government signs eeeew held as well as speeches attacking the manner of current governance. Canvases were also provided for protesters to write messages to politicians, draw their faces, and then curse them. Thanathorn told reporters that the group had three requests of the government; that it dissolves parliament due to incompetence in dealing with the economy because of the pandemic, that it stops using excuses and various laws to silence and harrass people and that it allows the constitution to be rewritten, while the Chiang Mai chapter had added one further request, which was to demand help in combating the annual fires and air pollution.

The group say they will be arranging future protests.