Another Fire at Warorot Market

 | Mon 8 Jun 2015 07:37 ICT

CityNews – Another fire broke out at Warorot market this weekend, leaving shops destroyed and with an estimated 100 million baht worth of damage.


The fire broke out around 5pm, Friday June 5, in a textile and clothing shop.

The fire spread fast given the store was full of highly flammable materials and soon began burning neighbouring store buildings.

Locals flocked to the scene to try and help shop owners escape the flames and also save some of their belongings.

The fire began on the first floor of C.M. Bazaar and spread to the Garaji Shop, C.M. Bazaar, Bangkok Bazaar and OK Shop.

All stores have insurance.

The fire burned mainly inside the building, resulting in fire crew’s struggling to put it out. The fire was controlled after five hours.

Nobody was killed or injured by the fire.

Police have yet to determine the cause of the fire and are examining a hard drive retrieved from C.M. Bazaar with CCTV footage stored in it.

A 10 meter radius was closed off, but the rest of the market stayed open.

The local government has pledged to help those affected by the fire and the Department of Public and Municipal Works will also examine the building structure to check stability.