Another donation box stolen from temple

 | Thu 3 Feb 2022 17:11 ICT

Saraphee police arrested a 36 year old man yesterday after he confessed to stealing a donation box from Wat San Don Mul on the 28th January. 

Caught on CCTV, this man was seen shoving a donation box into a burlap sack before cycling out of the temple. He was soon arrested and found with the smashed box in his possession.

Upon his arrest, villagers came out and told police that prior to the theft he had gone to the temple and begged for food, claiming that he was hungry.

The man told police that he had no job and no money and had been cycling from temple to temple begging or food. As it was his birthday on the day of the theft he intended to simply leave after receiving his food, but he had been drinking and saw the donation box unattended next to an old burlap sack and didn’t think his actions through.

Once sober, he was apologetic and told the villagers and the monks at the temple that he was very sorry and had no intention to steal.

Villagers praised police for their rapid response in catching the thief.