Angry Billboard Demands ‘Damn Dog’ Removed From Estate

 | Wed 1 Aug 2018 06:41 ICT

CityNews – An angry billboard has been erected in a Saraphi estate demanding a ‘damn dog’ is removed from the area after it has attacked other pets, damaged property and bothered neighbours.

At a housing estate in Nong Phueng, Saraphi, residents decided to erect a billboard that sends a message from the community to get rid of a ‘damn dog’, signed by the person who put it up.

The sign demands that the dog, Jumbo, is removed after it attacked the sign erecter’s pet poodle. Nutjongjin Kengsangsub claims that his dog had to be hospitalised after the attack and the owner of the ‘damn dog’ took no responsibility.

After filing a complaint with the police, he received just 2,000 baht in compensation, despite the hospital bill being over 13,000 baht.

Another neighbour across the street added that Jumbo has been causing many people trouble – digging through rubbish bins, pooping all over the street, chasing people and being a nuisance. She asked for Jumbo’s owner to take responsibility for the dog.