Ancient Elephant Discovered in Chom Thong

 | Wed 5 Jun 2019 10:16 ICT

CityNews – An ancient elephant sculpture was discovered in Chom Thong.

Photo: กลุ่มโบราณคดี​ สำนักศิลปากร​ที่​ 7​ เชียงใหม่​

On June 3rd, a Facebook page Archaeology 7 Chiang Mai shared their latest discovery at the locally called Wat Chang Kham, an abandoned temple in Ban Pae, Chom Thong District. The archeological dig started in 2017, at that time there was merely a mound with no obvious sign of a heritage site. This year the team continued the excavating, during which a pagoda was discovered. It is assumed to be a bell pagoda from the founding era of Chiang Mai. An elephant sculpture, a part of the pagoda’s base, was found. The team stated that a pagoda with elephants at the base is an influenced by the Sukhothai era which borrowed it from Sri Langka in the early days. Ceramics were also found at the site which is identified to have been from the 19th or 20th century.

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