Alledged Illegal Radio 89.15 MHz Closed Down By Police

 | Fri 16 Dec 2016 07:01 ICT

CityNews – The Office of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission and the Police raided an illegal radio station in Haiya Sub-district yesterday.


40 police officers and representatives from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission raided an illegal radio transmission office in Haiya, Chiang Mai for illegally broadcasting on 89.15 MHz.

The radio station was owned by Terdsak Jiamkitwattana, a member of the Chiang Mai Press associate. The manager of the radio station office, 40-year-old Ekachai Wilaiwan, was at the scene and was questioned during the raid.

Police discovered a 50 metre tower built without a permit, radio transmitters, signal lines, computers and radio broadcast equipment, which were all confiscated.

The same radio station was raided on May 24, 2010, after they were found guilty of affecting political stability. This year the police were asked to investigate the radio station once again.

Police discovered that the radio station didn’t have the correct documentation or licences to use radio broadcasting equipment.

Terdsak told officers that the station has been offline for three years and they have just received a new radio permit, and will provide the documents at a later date.