Algae in Moat Pumped Away as Temporary Measure

 | Wed 27 Apr 2016 05:07 ICT

CityNews – Chiang Mai Municipality attempts to remove some of the green algae that has overrun the moat by sucking it up.

pumping from the moat

Deputy Mayor of Chiang Mai, Chatree Chuamanochan, and a team of experts have been observing the moat since Songkran, keeping tabs on the algae count and working on ways to solve the green algae problem.

On April 27, five water tank trucks from the fire department were brought in to remove the algae infested water between Jang Ka Tum Corner and Jang Ku Hueang Corner.

According to reports, the algae problem was solved last year, by using water to regularly flush out the moat, keeping it clean and ensuring algae levels were not too high. However, due to the drought, this flushing could not happen, resulting in a boom of algae growth once again.

The algae is from natural spores and is not dangerous to people.

They next plan to trial a biochemical in the moat to try and kill the algae. If it works, the technology could be used across the country in similar isolated water sources.