An Airport Security Guard Injured by Dementia Driver Still being Hospitalised

 | Fri 31 Aug 2018 06:52 ICT

CityNews – An airport security guard who was rammed over by a dementia driver is expected to be hospitalised for the next three months while the family of the alleged driver has made a promise to take responsibility.

Following the case on a rampage between an airport security guard and a dementia driver, Watchara Chaiwong, 27, the casualty is still being hospitalised where doctors are keeping a close watch on his condition. The father, Pikul Chaiwong, revealed that currently the family is relying on the social security and insurance which have almost been maximised. To reduce the cost, the family has decided to transfer their son to Chiang Dao Hospital saving their travelling cost in visiting their son.

The family also revealed that they have been contacted by relatives of the alleged driver who have promised to take the responsibility but no agreement has been addressed at the moment.