Airport Mafia Blocking RTC Buses Claims Unfounded According to Airport Dep. Director

 | Tue 22 May 2018 10:13 ICT

CityNews – Deputy director of Chiang Mai International Airport has clarified a dispute over the parking duration of RTC’s bus.

A dispute over Chiang Mai newest bus launched by Regional Transit Corporation (RTC) last April emerged on social media, accusing Chiang Mai International Airport of having a ‘mafia’ who were blocking the bus stop or forcing the buses to leave early in a bid to reduce passengers taking the bus.

Deputy director of Chiang Mai International Airport made statement today, May 21st, saying that such a claim is a unfounded and that the airport has been fully cooperative with the project from day one. However he did admit that there was limited parking space at the airport, and that it can be difficult for a large vehicle like a bus to negotiate the drop-off lane.

He also said that when more than one bus arrives at the airport at the same time, it can cause traffic problems. They have now asked RTC to depart after just 5 minutes regardless if the bus is full or not, but insists this is not a demand made by any ‘mafia’.

Chiang Mai International Airport has received a proposal from RTC to set up a bus ticket sales counter which is currently under consideration.