Air pollution situation in Chiang Mai is becoming serious

 | Mon 13 Jan 2020 14:03 ICT

CityNews – 13th January 2020, following measures set by Chiang Mai governor Charoenrit Sa-nguansat, to ban burning effective for 80 days (10th January – 30th April 2020), local authorities in each area have been stressed to monitor and explain to local people to follow the measure strictly.  However, there have been cases of violation.  On the night of 12th January, in San Phee Sua area, a pile of garbage was burnt in the open zone in the compound of Thanawal housing area, which also included toxic materials. The police had recorded the activity and will bring those who did the burning to prosecute later.

Meanwhile, division of sound and air quality, pollution control department, revealed that particulate matters, or value of PM 2.5, in Chiang Mai on 13th January was over the standard.  According to the weather station in Chang Phueak, the value of PM smaller than 2.5 micron was at 61 Micrograms per cubic meter and at Sri Phum, 60 Micrograms per cubic meter.  This is harmful to health and as of this day Chiang Mai was ranked No. 9th in the world for poor air quality index (AQI).