“A under control”, says authorities after Indian tourist found with COVID-19

 | Tue 10 Nov 2020 16:17 ICT

The Public Health Office Chiang Mai are reporting follow-up information after a 37 year old Indian man who came to Chiang Mai between the 30th October and 2nd of November was found in a Krabi airport to have contracted COVID-19.

After news of this one infected man came out last week there was widespread concern about anyone in Chiang Mai who he may have come into contact with and many people demanded to know exactly where the man had visited during his stay here. However, the public health office has come out to say that they have conducted thorough contact tracing and now know exactly who is at risk, and those who needed to were already undergoing quarantine. The office continued to call for calm by saying that the reason it was not publishing the list of businesses where this man went is to keep the business themselves from being even more adversely affected by the virus. But they do insist that these venues have all been cleared and that there is no risk from catching any virus from these places, they should therefore not be a cause of concern to the public.