A child left sleeping in locked car saved

 | Mon 11 Nov 2019 16:50 ICT

CityNews – 11th November 2019, At around 8pm on the night of 9th November, patrol police officers from Mae Ping Police Station received a report that a child was stuck in a car in front of Big C Extra shopping mall in Nong Pa Krang, Mueang District.  They rushed to the scene together with the Ruam Jai Chiang Mai volunteer rescue team and found a crowd surrounding a Honda Accord, trying to call and wake up a sleeping four year old boy. The mother was present at the arrival of the police and was in fact the person to ask for help.  The team then contacted a locksmith whop picked the lock, opened the car and rescued the boy.

Hathaichanok Saengsilmanee, the 40 year old mother of the boy, revealed that she drove the car to the mall and when she parked she saw that her son was sleeping and didn’t want to disturb him. She had left the key in the lock and the engine running, and was only away for 15 minutes. But upon her return she couldn’t get into the car and immediately called the police.

She explained that she thought that it would be Ok to let her child sleep because he was tired after school and as the engine was still on, as well as the air-conditioning, she didn’t think that there would be a problem.

Lesson learned, she said.