A bag filled with 10 million baht worth of gold was left at the airport

 | Tue 6 Aug 2019 14:40 ICT

CityNews – A bag containing 10 million baht worth of gold bars was forgotten at the airport.

On August 5th, a security guard at Chiang Mai International Airport found a backpack, left at the security checkpoint. After being x-rayed and confirmed that it didn’t contain any explosives, the security opened the bag to find a number of gold bars with a total weight of 10.3 kg. The estimated value is 10 million baht.

Prior to the search, there had been an announcement to notify the owner but the airport received no response. The airport used the barcode to find the company which minted the gold and were informed by the staff of the unnamed gold company that there were two bags of gold which were to be delivered to Bangkok for a remold. It was the staff of the company itself which forgot one bag at the airport. The claim is undergoing a verification process.