85 years old American dies after balcony fall

 | Wed 7 Oct 2020 15:30 ICT

Phuping Police say that an 85 year old American man was found dead, having fallen from his seventh floor balcony.

Police have said that there were no signs of struggle in the room or on the balcony.

His wife, 33, said that she had been married to him for ten years and that her husband was good natured, and had no illnesses. She told police that she had woken up and gone to work in their home office while her husband was resting in the bedroom. At noon she went out to look for him and that was when she saw his body below the balcony.

She believes that her husband may have been cleaning their window, as he was always active and enjoyed cleaning. Perhaps, she speculated, he had fainted or felt light headed. His glasses were also found on the table on the balcony, which she said could be from an insect going into his eyes so he had to remove his glasses which may have caused him to become unbalanced.

Police have yet to declare a cause of death.