81 Year Old Woman Found Dead in Her Resident

 | Thu 25 Apr 2019 16:50 ICT

CityNews – An 81 year old American woman was found dead in her residence. Police suspected it was due to a sudden recurrent of her illness.

On April 24th, a rescue team and police inspected a house in Mae Hia after receiving a report that it was a source of a smell in the neighbourhood. The house was locked from the inside and there was no response from the call when the team arrived.

After breaking in, the body of a woman was found in the bathroom. She is identified as the resident and was 81 years old. There was no sign of a struggle. Police found many medicines in her refrigerator. She was last seen on the 18th. She reportedly had a visitor on the 20th who left when no one answered the door. People in the neighbourhood reported that she has been living here for many years but were not closed with the neighbours. Police suspected that she might have had a recurrence of her illness. The body has been sent for autopsy and police will reach out to the embassy to contact her family.