80% drop in valentine flower sales

 | Mon 15 Feb 2021 14:19 ICT

Flower shops by the Ping River report that sales of Valentine’s Day flowers yesterday dropped by an average of 80%.

Flower vendors at Warorot’s flower market opined to CityNews that they believed that people were purchasing gifts online this year which has led in such a drastic drop in their sales.

One flower shop owner said that they have had to rethink their entire sales strategy, offering flowers and bouquest at much cheaper rates, whereas in the past some clients may buy up to 5,000 baht worth of flowers for Valentine’s Day, their budgets have dropped to 1,000-2,000 baht.

“One thing we saw which we have never experienced before was people calling to ask for prices,” said one vendor. “This has never happened before. Our really expensive items such as the 500 baht grade A jumbo rose, were not popular at all.”