77 Degree Celsius Ground Temperature Mystery Solved

 | Thu 10 Sep 2015 07:06 ICT

Following the news report from the 4th of September following the unexplained discovery of an unusually hot 77 degree ground temperature found at the School of Dramatic Arts, authorities from the Electricity Department have recently followed up with a visit to remove all old electric systems from the school, upgrading them all, in hopes of solving the mystery.

hot ground electricity

Scientists from Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Science has already taken the water to be analysed, but have yet to find anything to indicate where the heat originates. Initial investigation by the Electricity Department discovered, that even though the cables had been cut, there were still currents of electricity discovered in the ground.

They have asked the school for two to three days to find the source of the currents. It is speculated that it is this low-current voltage in the ground that has led to the unexplained heat.

The school hopes to fix this problem soon and reassures all students that they have taken all safety precautions necessary.