60 year old Grab car driver embezzled by a frequent customer

 | Mon 16 Sep 2019 17:18 ICT

CityNews – Anon Tano, 60, is a Grab car driver who claims to have been a victim of an thieving customer, later identified as Pakanan Injam.

According to Anon’s wife, who appears to have taken the matter in  hand, Anon had been giving Pakanan frequent lifts and the two had become good friends. One day Pakanan told Anon that she could help him to upgrade to a newer car model, an offer he couldn’t resist. She took him to a bank to open a bank account and said that she would bring him a new car, but needed him to first give her his old car plus a gold necklace as collateral. He sat waiting at the bank until it was closed for the day, whe he resigned himself to the fact that he had been conned.

Anon returned home and told his wife what had happened and she went to the police station.

Police then informed the couple that numerous hotels and restaurants had lodged official files with the police saying that the owner of the bronze Toyota Vios, which belonged to Anon had left unpaid bills around town.

In the meantime, Anon’s wife has put up a 10,000 baht reward to any information leading to the whereabouts of the bronze Toyota Vios, license plate ขฉ 2630.