60 Million Requested to Fix Falling Bridge

 | Thu 12 Nov 2015 06:15 ICT

CityNews – November 11th, local villagers in Sarapee District have asked Khuamung Subdistrict Municipality to help with the repairs of Phra Chao Prom Maharaj Bridge, a concrete bridge in Ban Padua of Sarapee’s Khuamung sub-district.

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The villagers are afraid that the bridge will collapse, leading to tragic accidents, as its poles are dilapidated.

According to Sa-ard Inchanta, mayor of Khuamung Subdistrict Municipality, the bridge was built in 1979, funded by a famous monk, villagers, and celebrities.

The bridge is across the Ping river and used by busses transporting tourists from Sankampaeng to Ban Tawai in Hang Dong, and is especially busy during the high season.

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However, as the bridge hasn’t yet been registered as a public bridge, there has been no government organisation taking care of it.

Mayor Sa-ard initially solved the problem by posting signs not allowing buses and trucks with six wheels and up to cross the bridge, only small cars and motorcycles being allowed on the bridge.

Yet some trucks have naughtily driven across the bridge despite the prohibition signs, causing further damage to its structure.

As a result, the mayor is working with the Sarapee police to set up a checkpoint at the bridge to monitor vehicles passing by.

He is also submitting documents to Chiang Mai governor to ask for a maintenance budget (60 million baht).