5,000 subsidised one baht eggs snapped up in ten minutes

 | Mon 17 Jan 2022 16:57 ICT

The ‘Thai helps Thai so Thais can smile’ campaign launched a special community market event in front of the Provincial Hall today, attracting hundreds of people looking for discounted products.

The Chiang Mai Provincial Office of Commerce set aside 5,000 size 3 eggs for sale at 1 baht per egg (current market price is 3.50 baht per egg), selling out within ten minutes. Each person was able to purchase only 10 eggs.

The Chiang Mai Provincial Livestock Office also provided size 2 eggs for sale at a great discount, along with inexpensive chicken pieces, all of which were snapped up immediately.

Authorities say that they are currently negotiating with various chicken and pork farms to ask them to supply products at as low a price as possible, helping to shoulder the cost to alleviate consumer stress for the next six months.