3%-4% cancellation of hotels, not bad

 | Fri 4 Dec 2020 15:52 ICT

La-iad Bungsrithong, President of the Hotels Association (Northern Chapter) and general manager of RatiLanna Hotel has announced that while many hotels report calls from concerned guests, asking about how safe it is to visit Chiang Mai following the recent news of three women who tested positive for the virus this week, the numbers are not alarming.

“Most of the cancellations have come from government officials and bureaucratic travel,” said La-iad who went on to say that the cancellations tended to be by groups of 30-50 people, and that independent travellers have not cancelled in any noticeable numbers.

She did go on to say that the cancellations tended to be postponements instead, with nearly every single group moving their bookings to January or February.

“There is no lockdown, there is no contagion,” insists La-iad, “there were three women who brought the virus in from across the border, were immediately identified and their contacts contained. Chiang Mai is safe to visit.”