20 month old Gina disappears from home

 | Mon 6 Sep 2021 13:05 ICT

Last night around 7pm police were alerted to reports of a 20 month baby who had gone missing from her home in Huay Fak Dab, Inthakin Sub-District, Mae Taeng.

The parents of Gina, a 20 month old baby told police and rescue workers that they had left Gina alone for just a few minutes in their house and on their return she had disappeared.

According to her parents, Gina was being watched by her mother and brother who were in the kitchen. She was allowed to wander the house which was in a village surrounded by around 100 other houses. Gina’s father had left to take the garbage out and a few minutes later when the family looked for her she was not to be found.

One neighbour said that they saw her walking out of the house towards the road, which was 10 metres away.

Villagers, family, police and rescue workers looked for her until midnight until the search was called off to begin again at dawn today when drones were also employed in the search.

A plea was posted by Gina’s parents on social media, “Our child has disappeared, our hearts are breaking, we have told the police, she disappeared from our house, she is only a year and a bit. We have looked all over the village and can’t find her. She is so small, she can’t have gone far, but we can’t see or hear her. We have looked in the village and in the jungle and ask anyone anywhere to please get in touch if you know anything.”

If anyone has any knowledge of Gina’s whereabouts, please contact her parents at 0631024438.