2 Week Deadline Set For Songtaew Versus Uber-Grab Solutions

 | Thu 8 Jun 2017 07:10 ICT

CityNews – On June 7th Governor of Chiang Mai ordered Chiang Mai Provincial Transport and Chiang Mai International Airport to seek solution on the disputes between Uber-Grab car and songtaews, with a deadline set for two weeks.

As the situations between songtaew drivers and Uber-Grab cars is going nowhere but getting worse, the governor said that Uber-Grab cars are still illegal but songtaew drivers have reportedly been incessantly ganging up on and intimidating the shared ride drivers.
The governor of Chiang Mai declared that such acts by the songtaew is illegal and have a negative impact not only Nakorn Lanna Cooperative (who run the songtaew) but the whole Chiang Mai public transportation. It was suggested that Nakorn Lanna Cooperative should readjust songtaew drivers’ attitudes and focus on developing a better system for songtaews.

The governor also insisted that Uber-Grab cars are still illegal. The penalty for using private cars for commercial purposes is a 2,000 baht fine and the possibility of a seized drivers’ license, though when Citylife interviewed Pol. Col. Thapanapong Chairangsee, Superintendent of Chiang Mai Regional Police Traffic Centre last month, he said that to his knowledge no person has ever had their drivers’ license revoked in all his years working for the traffic police.

According to the announcement, it is said that citizens should have a better understanding about using Uber or Grab services, as they are both illegal services which should not be encouraged even though they are the preferred method of transportation.