15 Year Old Yada Pruksachatkun Featrured in Citylife Chosen to Talk at next TEDx

 | Thu 22 Aug 2013 15:36 ICT

CityNews – A girl of just fifteen will be giving a talk alongside professors and artists in front of 100s of people at the next TEDx event in Chiang Mai September 14th at Le Meridien Hotel.

Yada two years ago when Citylife first featured her

Yada, who has a full scholarship to THINK Global School (“a non-profit private high school that offers teenagers a once-in-a-lifetime international experience. TGS students don’t simply “study abroad.” They immerse themselves in 12 countries over 4 years, studying with premier teachers, experts, and local guides. Imagine taking a biology class in the Galapagos Islands, a Mandarin class at the Great Wall of China, and a government class in the chambers of Swedish parliament!”) is a global sponsor of TEDxTeen, is so impressed that she has been chosen to speak at Chiang Mai’s TEDx that they have given her a week off autumn term, which is currently in Hyderabad, India, and will pay for her to attend the event in Chiang Mai.

Yada, who was just featured in Citylife’s August edition of the magazine, told Citylife that she is a girl of many trades, at once a writer and a poet, and also a musician and activist. Nonetheless, the audacious and strikingly mature student aims to study business and economics in the future.

The Chiang Mai girl is the only Thai student at THINK Global and received her scholarship at the tender age of 12. Now, at 15, she has already written one novel, worked on anti-corruption initiatives, and recently launched a worldwide think tank at a global education conference, recruiting other student leaders from five different countries.

Her upcoming talk is titled “Light Footsteps Dance Initiative,” which uses dance as a means of bringing happiness into the lives of children that have been hospitalised by chronic diseases. See her video on YouTube here about her initiative.  

If you want to see Yada’s talk at the TEDx event then get yourself a ticket.

More information can be found about the event here